Scandinavian & Danish Christmas Decorations

Scandinavian christmas items at Pobra webshopAt Pobra A/S, we offer a great selection of Christmas decorations. Decorations are a great way to spread the Christmas spirit. We offer a great collection of Scandinavian and Danish Christmas decorations of good quality that will last year after year – and never go out of style.

December is the time of the year, where people decorate their houses with a Scandinavian Christmas decoration. Help spread the holiday cheer with ornaments, lights, candles, Santa, angels, stockings, and a great variety of tabletop decorations such as churches, snowmen, and trains.

Furthermore, we offer costumes for Santa, elves, and great variety accessories. We have traditional Christmas hats but also some more festive and funny types – depending on what you are looking for.

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Great selection of Scandinavian Christmas décor

Within our broad selection, we offer:

And a lot more!

More about Danish Christmas decoration

Find a Danish christmas decoration at the Pobra b2b webshopDenmark is known for the term “hygge”, and at Pobra A/S, we know exactly how your customers can get “hygge” into their homes with a Danish Christmas decoration. Christmas is, usually, a time where the daylight is limited and it’s could outside.

Therefore, it is a perfect time to spread some Christmas spirit with candles, stars, cute elves and snowmen around the house. It is also the time to set up a Christmas tree in the house. We offer Christmas tree stands and carpets – and ornaments. So you can get what it takes to make your Christmas tree shine with true Christmas spirit.

Take a look at our collection of carpets and tree stands here or our tree hangings here.

We sell products from all over the world. Several of our products are Scandinavian designs, and we also sell Pobra Designs. Pobra Designs are our own assortment of Danish decorations. After more than 80 years of experience with bringing Christmas decorations to Scandinavia, we are experts in the industry.

Christmas decorations as gifts

Decorations are the perfect gesture when attending dinners, parties or events. You can never have really have too many Scandinavian Christmas decorations. Therefore, it is the perfect gift. At Pobra A/S, we have a great selection of Danish Christmas decorations, so you can find the perfect gift. You might be looking to tease someone a little with a funny, whereas a Christmas hat or maybe another wearable accessory is the perfect choice. Maybe you want to give them a Santa, or ornaments.